Pretty much everyone who wants to lose weight is afraid of - the yo-yo effect.
It’s often said that immediately after a successful weight loss, a rapid weight gain follows, in which even the initial weight is exceeded.


Many believe that a hollow back or a rounded back is innate and that one cannot do anything about it, while others want to eliminate bad posture and associated pain through their training, but they simply do not know how.


Winter sports are very popular with many Germans. Many travel at least once every year to ski or snowboard in the mountains, a very nice thing, with a little catch. Many who regularly go skiing for the rest of the year do little or nothing...


People often asked me after a personal training with Nadine whether pregnant women should and are allowed to do sports? Nadine is about one month away from birth. Despite that, she jumps rope, jogs and lifts weights.


Originally, the term boot camp was described as basic training in several parts of the US military, then also re-education camp for offenders and difficult to educate young people. Today, the term boot camp has long since found its way into the fitness world, and boot camps are also being offered in many different locations in Frankfurt.


Many men are desperately fighting for more muscle packages. Some people already find it difficult to start and some others make good progress, until suddenly they’re unable to continue. There is then often great despair, and not infrequently trainers then resort to ineffective, overpriced and not infrequently even unhealthy supplements.


In the meantime, training alone is no longer sufficient. No, it also has to be functional! Sounds like this is a completely new realization, a functional training here, functional training there. Look at all those interesting exercises...


There are so many different diets and nutrition systems today as never before.
And each one promises best and fastest way to success.
But what is it about when you lose weight really? Do I have to give up carbs? 


Perhaps it has passed one or the other, but for a certain time the fitness world was hardly talking about something other than fascia. Suddenly, fascia training was on everyone's lips and gained popularity. Many supporters are even more connected to this form of training than conventional training methods. But what exactly is fascia and how can you train it?