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When I was looking for a personal trainer in Frankfurt, it was important for me to be expertly advised and that the chemistry was right at the same time. For both, I can rate Philippe with 5 stars.


Simply great and absolutely professional!
Marcel helped me recover from my lateral meniscus tear and return to football pitch with professional motivation and guidance.
I'm happily covering my position again, as if I had never hurt myself! Thanks Marcel!

Although I never entered a gym before, and had hardly done sports, Philippe could motivate me and increase my stability and strength on a high scale. I can only recommend personal training - no matter at which level you start and how much experience you already have


Elena Müller

As a model, I always have to stay in good shape. Philippe helped me overcome my laziness and helped me achieve my goals with the perfect personal training.

Philippe is very competent and communicates his knowledge extensively, understandably and memorably. I can clearly see the result of our joint work in the mirror after a few weeks. Thank you, Philippe!



My husband and I are training with Philippe since a couple of months and we are elated. We both have a tight schedule and to be professionally guided in the gym saves us a lot of effort. 100% recommendable!

I can totally recommend personal training with Philippe!
My mobility and strength have improved in recent months more than in years without guidance.



The personal training is extremely effective, demanding and individually customized to my needs. It's always a lot of fun, no matter the time ;-). The success you wish for comes fast and you reach 100% of your goals!

Highly effective personal training in a good atmosphere. Philippe is really dedicated to my personal goals and explains the proper performance and effect of each exersice well-founded! I unrestrictedly recommend a personal training with Philippe to everyone and it defenitively won't be the last one for myself.



Philippe, as a personal trainer was a direct hit for me. I can feel and see the results of my training with Philippe after a short time! Thank you a lot, Philippe!

The only training, that really helps me to forget my daily stress!
Absolutely individual and flexible. With Philippe I can manage to be focused and create a great work-life-balance. That wasn't possible for me with other fitness classes/programs. I can commend a training with Philippe to really everyone!



I can unrestrictedly recommend Get Shaped and it was for sure one of the best decisions I took in a long time. Because of the great results, I would even work with Philippe if he was an unappealing idiot. But as he is a really nice guy who really cares for his customers, my decision to continue the personal training is self-evident!

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