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Welcome to the Personal Trainer website from Get Shaped. This is where you will get to know about us and our personal training and learn why we are your competent partner when it comes to fitness and health. You’ll soon realize that personal training supports you optimally when building a new body and getting a new body feeling. And all this in short time!

Physical fitness doesn’t necessarily mean that you are excellent at sports. It is rather defining your personal goals and needs. Together we work out an individual way to achieve this. The spectrum ranges from the preparation for performance contests to revival of a condition that’s fanned by inertia. Preventive measures are protecting from cardiovascular disorders or musculoskeletal diseases.

Your body is made to move. Unfortunately, our everyday life and our comfort are often oriented to the opposite. The consequences in terms of physical discomfort or dissatisfaction with one's own appearance can often come shortly. We help you to discover the joy of movement again and take you with healthy long workouts in top form. We offer the greatest possible flexibility if you are tight with time and help you integrate sport into your everyday life.

Take advantage of our tailor-made program, personal fitness care and nutritional advice. Build a new, improved body and harness the power of vitality for your professional and private challenges.

We do your personal training in the studio, outdoor or at your home - as you wish. Of course we can also combine different training places together. As personal trainers in Frankfurt, we create your personal program with the goal of integrating fitness into your everyday life in the long term - without time or other stress - with lots of fun in sports and movement. So that you enjoy your training and stay motivated.

Following an intensive initial phase, in which you will zoom out on your future training, usually more workouts follow with slightly larger intervals so that you can in the meantime follow your step by step independently and individually created training and nutrition plan.

Personal training with us is fun and purposeful - many satisfied customers confirm this. Check out our page and contact us to arrange a first introductory appointment. We are looking forward to you! Your personal trainers from Frankfurt from Get Shaped.

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As a model, I always have to stay in good shape. Philippe helped me overcome my laziness and helped me achieve my goals with the perfect personal training.

Elena Müller


Although I never entered a gym before, and had hardly done sports, Philippe could motivate me and increase my stability and strength on a high scale. I can only recommend personal training - no matter at which level you start and how much experience you already have.

PT in Frankfurt am Main

Are you really stiff on your job? Want to use your time for sports and fitness efficiently? Do you miss the drive to get active? You can’t make friends with the atmosphere of a studio?

As your personal trainers, we adapt to your individual needs and work out an efficient training concept with you. You can decide when to train. Whether it is in the evening after work or in the morning when the kids are at school. Whenever it fits best in your daily routine. You can choose the training place: private at your home, at the gym or in the nature. We are happy to pick you up, remind you of our appointments on your phone, and advise you between the individual training sessions in an advising and motivating way. Significant physical changes are noticeable after 2 - 4 months. Your loved ones will notice this positive change.

Personal training is much more than just sport under expert guidance. We build in a short time to an atmosphere of trust among our customers. Together, we define your goals: weight reduction, body tightening, physical training, back training, muscle building, weight gain for so-called "hardgainers", whatever you personally care about, we show you the way and support you In the training system that is perfect for you. How much time you can spend on the training? You'll be amazed how little you actually need. What kind of diet is best for you for small, important changes, easy to learn and easy to perform, create immense progress in achieving your goals.

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