Rehabilitation training and prevention

You can prevent physical impairment or strengthen the joints through our holistic training methods by means of targeted training of certain muscle groups.

After accidents or illness, the physical performance the mobility is often limited. Then a balanced and individual training as well as mobilization exercises during the rehabilitation are all the more important to support the recovery process and the recovery of the fitness.

Whether after a heart problem, bone fracture, intervertebral disk disc or any other physical impairment:

The body needs help to regain strength and to withstand new stress.

Also to prevent (new) injuries or illnesses, a tailor-made training for prevention is essential.

We create a customized training program for you. If necessary, it can be done also in cooperation with a doctor. In the area of ​​rehabilitation and prevention we lead you through effective health training.

You get the motivation you need and lead a healthier and better life.

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