Weight loss and fat reduction with Personal Training

Physical activity, sport and a balanced diet are indispensable for effective and sustainable fat reduction. In addition to a training program tailored to you, your performance and your state of health, we will get to know your nutritional and lifestyle habits. The goal is to be able to lose weight more effectively through professional personnel training.

If necessary, I’ll lead you to an easy-to-learn nutritional change that can be carried out without great effort. At the same time, for example, we boost your metabolism by combining a combination of endurance and strength training in order to reduce the body fat content and increase muscle proportion.

You will see: Weight loss with training for fat reduction and body tightening is fun, effective and you don’t have to do without pleasure.

For a week you get an overview of your daily consumed food every night and write it down for example in a nutritional diary. This is how you reflect your dietary habits - after a week, I will use this information for you to prepare a small nutrition guide. That is, You do not cook complicated menu suggestions, but we look which food you better avoid and which you should take in addition to you.

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