Getting a flat belly in 6 weeks

Do you also want to have a flat belly? Do you believe that you are doing everything to the best of your knowledge and belief and yet have no visible progress? Then hold on, because I'll show you how to reach your dream figure in only 6 weeks!

Does that sound a bit too good to be true? In short, is it! Please save the time Articles that make such promises to read. In 100% of the cases, they are simply blowing bubbles. How do I know this? Let's take the title of this article, which could adorn a fitness magazine. To whom is this statement directed? To everybody?

So to those who have only 3kg too much on the belly, as well as those need to lose 50kg to get a flat stomach? How should both of you manage to get a flat stomach in 6 weeks? You realize yourself that something just isn’t true here.

But instead of just telling you now that you will not come to dream figure in 6 weeks and finish the article at this point, I would like to take a closer look at this topic. Why is it that so many people are always dreaming of getting into top shape, but mostly they do not succeed? There are two main reasons: 1. Lack of discipline and 2. Lack of expertise. Or a combination of the two points.

Let's start with point 2. What exactly should one be aware of? When it comes to optical goals, only one thing counts in nutrition. Absorbed and consumed energy measured in kilocalories. When you consume more energy than you absorb, you lose weight, and you turn away. Keeping both in balance, one also holds his own weight. Contrary to popular beliefs, the timing of food intake is almost insignificant, even though the myth that one should not eat carbohydrates any more after 18h is persistent to this day. I deliberately refrain from refuting this statement in this article.

But you should ideally not only keep an eye on your appearance, but also ensure a healthy diet. Fortunately, both are not in the way. But on the contrary. Because the goal is to have as few kcal as possible at the end of the day, but lots of nutrients. The best way to do this is to use unprocessed foods such as (you may already suspect) fruits and vegetables.

Also, unprocessed meat is a good supplement for a healthy diet and an important source of protein. Fruits and vegetables contain important micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and secondary plant matter in high concentrations with low energy, i.e. a few kilocalories.

We cannot provide any nutritional plan for each, but we would like to make a rough diet recommendation or nutritional suggestions.

In the morning, eggs (possibly with vegetables such as peppers and zucchini with wholegrain bread as a wholesome breakfast.) Who is healthy and moves regularly must take cholesterol in eggs, even if this myth also persists In the evenings, you can eat whole-wheat pancakes without sugar with roasted vegetables 1-2 times a week, also good organic meat (preferably chicken or beef) or fish with salad Serve as a snack between meals, best fruits and nuts.

Since we all need something sweet now and then, we recommend choosing 2 days a week, where you can allow small treats. For one, it is a few gummy bears or a chocolate bar, for the other it is a piece or a piece of cake. We however, don’t recommend an entire cheating day. Although it will not hurt the optics if you take in an excessive amount of calories in one day, as the body cannot handle them so fast anyway, but the goal should be to trim your own taste to less sweet and less "unhealthy", so that makes the cheating day unnecessary.