Train during wintertime for a nice summer body!

Train in the winter for a nice summer body!

The autumn is around the corner! Time for sloppy sweaters and relaxation. Don't feed your stomach any more and enjoy a little feasting over Christmas. But who wants to be in shape in the summer, should take this attitude very quickly! It's already important to prepare in the autumn for the next summer and ensure forging a showcase body.

Everything is too exhausting?

It's understandable that everyone wants to just give up their training and take a rest. But this also shows what kind of training attitude do we have! Who enjoys it and is aware that body and health benefit from being regularly required, doesn't want any time out.

Who doesn't need one, doesn't have to work hard on the summer figure, but only subject it to the final touchdown. However, anyone who starts to lose weight and build muscle a month or two before the planned beach holiday needs to expect significantly increased exertion, the yo-yo effect and a rapidly decreasing motivation. In addition, it's far more profitable for the body to be trained all year round, and not just to be coerced into shape because of a holiday in the South. Tip: Anyone training with a personal trainer in Frankfurt knows how much fun the training can be. Also in autumn and winter!

It's therefore always advisable to exercise all year round. Smaller training breaks don't have to be compensated by intensified multi-training, but there should be some continuity. Then there is also no need to train down the Christmas roast and the Easter feast in a real show of strength.

Best in combination

Some favor a pure endurance training and ask their personal trainer in Frankfurt (or elsewhere), whether it is possible to go jogging or cycling together or perhaps even swim regularly. They want to burn as many calories as possible and support the fat loss of their body. In addition to running, there are also various ball sports available for more fitness in Frankfurt, which have a health-promoting effect. But that's too short! Bikini body can be achieved only in combination with a strength training, because it builds targeted muscles that define the body. Maximum strength is improved at the same time. There is also an effect: A trained muscle consumes significantly more energy even when at rest than its untrained or practiced only by running relatives.

This means that who only completes a pure endurance training, improves the oxygen absorption capacity of the body and ensures a better functioning cardiovascular system. In combination but with the strength training results in the desired effect of permanently increased calorie consumption and the finely defined muscles that ultimately stretch the body.

Personal training in Frankfurt: Professional accompaniment that helps getting in shape for your summer body

Professional and recreational athletes favor and discover more and more benefits of personal training. Here's someone who responds to individual needs, gives instructions, corrects training that is done wrong and has the necessary expertise in sports physiology. Especially in strength training, it may initially make sense to rely on the instructions of a personal trainer, so that the basic exercises are not learned wrong and rather show a contrary than the desired effect. Anyone who wants to increase their fitness in Frankfurt, therefore, relies on a personal trainer, which wants to help you conquer your weaker self. Those who train alone often show less success and regularity!

At the personal training in Frankfurt (and in every other city) great emphasis is placed on the right training. That is, it creates a mix of endurance and strength training that takes into account the individual goals of the athlete. Do you only want to work on the figure or are you training for competitions? Are there any health restrictions that should be mitigated with individual training? Is the force maximization desired? These and other questions are at the beginning of the training for the summer figure and are clarified together with the personal trainer. Then a personal training program can be set up. It's recommended to set the priorities differently if you're combining endurance and strength training. Once endurance, once strength training. Those who train twice a day can take a walk in the morning, use weights in the evening or vice versa. This is even more effective than combining all the exercises in a training session, but of course it also depends on the time available for training. Your personal trainer will be happy to advise you!