There are so many different diets and nutrition systems today as never before.
And each one promises best and fastest way to success.
But what is it about when you lose weight really? Do I have to give up carbs? 


Perhaps it has passed one or the other, but for a certain time the fitness world was hardly talking about something other than fascia. Suddenly, fascia training was on everyone's lips and gained popularity. Many supporters are even more connected to this form of training than conventional training methods. But what exactly is fascia and how can you train it?


On this subject we are often confronted with the following questions: What exactly are carbohydrates? Are they unhealthy? Do they make you fat?
We would like to communicate a little essential knowledge as compactly as possible. First, we come to the "what." Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients: fat, carbohydrate and protein, which consist of sugar molecules and differ in the number of sugar blocks. In our diet, carbohydrates play the most important role for the energy supply as well as fat


Muscle soreness, who didn’t feel that already, after a hard workout often pain, which can last for several days? How does muscle soreness develop and what can or what should be the best action to take against it? Although we now know so much about the human body, it hasn’t been possible to clarify what muscle soreness actually is.
Since researchers began to deal with this topic, several theories arose, of which no one has yet been able to crystallize. Some scientists leveled the pain with an increased production of lactic acid, while others said they were small bruises.