Training on vacation

Before an upcoming trip, I'm often asked by customers and friends, if I'm training on vacation. The short answer is "yes", but I would like to write a bit about the underlying mindset in this article.

Regular training is definitely part of my everyday life and especially on vacation, where you would like to take a break from everyday life and that has been earned in most cases.

Accordingly, it would make sense to leave out training during holiday or? That's where it gets interesting. Because here you can now see how you perceive your training. Is it a necessary evil or something that you like to do and that you believe does good for you? If the former is the case, I understand that you want to take a break from training during your vacation. However, at this point I would like to point out the possibility of possibly revising your view of the sport.

Because the fact is, no matter how you personally perceive your training, it's good for your body (if you do not make grossly negligent mistakes).

So let's summarize. Sport is good for your body and it doesn't mind that you feel that way too. Then the question arises to me why you want to distance yourself from something on holiday, that obviously does you good and instead would like to reward yourself with doing nothing (which doesn't do any good) that otherwise you regularly do sports. This suggests that sport is evil and doing nothing is a good thing.

Personally, I don't think much of this way of thinking and therefore don't advise anyone to lie idle on the beach on vacation. Of course, the training doesn't have to be as intensive as usual, because times for regeneration must be planned even in the best training schedule. Now it always depends on which goal you train with.

For example, if you want to "just stay fit" (although the idea of fit can of course also go a long way).

It's not even necessary to continue the training in the true sense (namely regular workouts according to a predetermined plan with a defined goal). For most of the time, there are other ways to work outside of your usual training schedule.

For example swimming, hiking, cycling, climbing and so on. In this case, my advice is simply to stay physically active. If, however, you pursue a defined goal with your own training, then you should use the holiday as an active rest, which usually has a positive effect on the body. Roughly speaking, you continue to follow your training schedule, but with reduced load or reduced stress for the body and start after the holiday with a small reset in the old routine.

In conclusion, it's advisable to continue exercising on holiday even if it's with alternative means and other physical activity than usual. It may be considered an active recovery. It's important to consider the sport as something positive that you want to do on vacation.