More motivation during sports

Many people have great difficulties motivating themselves during sports, or even finding the motivation to start. That's why I once asked myself where did my own motivation came from. Frankly speaking, that's not so easy, because sport is part of my life from a very young age and I can't really empathize with someone for whom it is completely new to train regularly. So first of all, I'm talking about other areas of life where I had a lot of starting motivation problems.

From a certain point of view, for the most part, it was very difficult for me to motivate myself to do something for the school, even though many things were relatively easy for me. I started to wonder why that was and came to the simple conclusion that I just could not motivate myself to learn something that I'm not interested in and that I was sure it would never need again. In subjects that interested me, including biology, I would have had very good grades by the time I decided to drop out of school.

It was simply because of the fact that I had the feeling someone dictates to me what I have to learn and that I did not really want it myself. As I introduced myself at this time my other life and how it went then, I leave out in this article once outside. The point is, once I decided on my own what I wanted to learn and knew exactly why I wanted to learn motivation was no longer a problem at all. I enjoyed grabbing a book and spending a lot of time learning. However, I did not feel like learning anymore and the things I read burned into my memory a lot better.

Of course, it took discipline to look for relevant literature, to write a "curriculum" for yourself, and to read some specific books that were necessary for the required knowledge.

I think doing sports is relatively similar. Most feel that they need to do sports, but do not feel like going to training.

Before you start anything, and this includes doing regular sports, you should first think about why you want to do that at all. One should find as much as possible a goal that springs from one's own and is not characterized by external influences. For example, I don't think it makes sense or even self-destructive to strive for a given ideal with sport. Although each of us likes to look good, that should not be the main reason.

For me, my own well-being, health and looking to the future is the biggest motivation. I used to have severe back pain that I had sworn to get rid of.

At the age of 80, I want to be able to climb on a bike and do my shopping. This quality of life here and now, as well as in the distant future, gives me an incredible drive and is the basis of my motivation. Additional motivation is provided by individual intermediate goals, be it competitions or breaking records. In any case, I have the feeling that I'm doing something good for myself, or making a present for my future self and that motivates me immensely.

And it doesn't matter if it's about sports or a different area of life, you have to find a goal worth fighting for within your own self. Of course, even if I enjoy sports, I often have to force myself to push forwards and push myself to my limits. Because there are no syringes with motivation to buy, you have find something in yourself even bigger than the inner lazy bastard, slugishness and pain. What could be within you, what could be your motivation?

One last tip: Once you've found your motivation, keep it upright at least until what you want to do becomes a habit, then everything becomes easier. It does really feel like this :)