Training on TRX

TRX has a permanent place in most fitness studios for the last few years. We would like to discuss in this article whether it has earned this place or not. TRX is popularly referred to as the so-called free training or freestyle training. What exactly is this about?

What would be the opposite then - "not free training"? This would certainly mean a guided training on machines. But what is the difference between training on TRX and fitness training on equipment?

Let's start with the most obvious difference. The trainee sits on almost all devices, which means that the lower half of the body is completely inactive. Furthermore, most machines also have a back or abdominal support, which in turn means that the trunk is also very inactive during exercise. The last point has already been mentioned above.

Movements on the machines, as already mentioned, are guided by the machine. That means I can push more or less blindly and do not have to coordinate my body.

There may be the one or two question that comes to mind on why is that training on equipment actually good for. Disadvantages in this case are at the same as the advantages. On the one hand, as an inexperienced athlete on machines, I need a lot of imagination to hurt myself; on the other hand, by switching off the lower half of the body/trunk and eliminating the coordinative demand on the body, I can put more stress on individual muscle groups. This is very useful for building muscles.

But let's get back to TRX. All enumerated disadvantages of the training equipment are largely eliminated on TRX. When training on TRX, entire body must always work.
Although muscle effort when rowing in the TRX is not particularly high for the lower body, self-awareness and coordination in the body is well-trained. The coordinative abilities are also improved by the un-guided movement.

This means that TRX doesn't give the trainer sequence of movements, but the trainee actively carries out those movement himself.

Another big TRX advantage is that you can do countless exercises with just one training tool. In addition, TRX is not tied to a studio but can be easily transported to different locations and used there. TRX is one of the few "novelties" in the fitness world that have earned a long-term place in our gyms.

Of course, it should be mentioned that all the advantages include a small disadvantage (if you like). At TRX you have to know what and how to do it right. Otherwise, you can quickly strain your joints unhealthy and injure yourself.

Using instructions or even better being accompanied by an experienced personal trainer is definitely recommended!