The advantages of calisthenics

Calisthenics is the new trend in sports and especially now in times of constant lockdown extremely welcome. The reason: you can train anywhere you find a wall or bars. The only weight that is used is your own body weight.

With the help of Calisthenics every place becomes a gym, because the sport trend, which spilled over from the USA to Germany, can be practiced almost everywhere. In addition, many cities have now reacted and have installed scaffolding, benches and bars in sports parks or playgrounds that can be used for the new sport. Since in the current time of Corona fitness centers have closed for an unforeseeable time or constantly have to close, this alternative for muscle building or for losing weight is just perfect. Meanwhile it is assumed that there are several million followers of the sport, and not only in Germany, but worldwide. That means you can declare Frankfurt as your new gym with your personal trainer!


The term itself comes from the Greek and here from "kalos" for "good, beautiful" and from "sthenos" for "strength". This already sufficiently explains the background of the sport, because it is about gaining a high muscle strength. The movements are simple and are often performed rhythmically. Only the own body weight is used, additional weights are not used. This may sound simple, but it is not: anyone who has ever tried push-ups with only one arm knows exactly how heavy your own body can be! The benefits of the workout are obvious:


Through the targeted muscle building, the entire body is stabilized. This means that shoulders, core and back, but also arms and legs are strengthened with special exercises. This in turn benefits the joints and spine, which are now less stressed because the muscles take the strain off them.

The whole body is defined and shaped, the silhouette becomes much more athletic. The reason: Calisthenics training focuses on long stretching, which stresses the fasciae and ensures long, lean muscles. Losing weight happens here practically by the way, because the increased built-up muscles consume more energy even when at rest. The increased energy demand is covered by the energy from stored body fat, as a result the body weight is reduced without a special diet.

Coordination increase
The overall coordination ability is increased, because the muscles must interact and act in perfect harmony with each other during calisthenics training. The complex movement sequences are varied and much more exciting than simply lifting weights!

In Calisthenics training, the muscles that are used in the respective exercise are intensively trained at the same time.

With no type of weight training is it possible to target so many muscles at the same time, which is why the effect here is increased many times over.

Fitness increase
Due to the stress during training, the body becomes much more powerful and fit. Weight training would have to be combined with various other exercises to achieve a similar effect. Here, however, the special strength exercises can be done with your own body weight and improve your fitness enormously.
Small selection of calisthenics exercises

Some calisthenics exercises are known to all, not everyone has loved them yet:


This exercises the back, shoulders and arms, and requires only a bar or a wall ledge. Beginners can first place a chair under the bar and support the arms slightly with the legs.

Push-ups exercise the abdomen, back, arms, shoulders, buttocks and thighs. They can be performed with both arms or only one arm, and the forearm support is also a variation. Here the arms are not bent, but the aim is to remain in a back-friendly and straight posture for as long as possible.

Wall run
Starting from the push-up, the legs slowly run up the wall and then back down again. The perfect total body workout!

This exercise was also performed in school lessons and provides perfectly defined muscles in the legs, buttocks and upper body. Depending on how far apart the legs are in the process, the inner or outer thigh muscles are more heavily used.