Routine in the diet

A diet can't be a rushed action in which the pounds fall off within a very short time. Even if this is possible, the weight can hardly be maintained afterwards. In the course of a diet programme, therefore, a training and nutrition plan should be drawn up that will help you lose weight in the long term.

Reaching your goal with a diet

Diets are designed to reduce weight, and most people want to lose weight quickly. Calorie intake is reduced to a low level, and the body is supposed to use up its energy reserves and break down fat. Experts are critical of this and believe that the fat cells do not disappear, but only shrink. If more energy is then supplied again, they fill up all the faster. They thus prepare for bad times - after all, the food situation could get even worse. A leftover from the time when there was not always enough to eat and a problem for all those who want to maintain a good figure.


But this can only be done with a nutrition plan, which at best is combined with a training plan. If you let your personal trainer turn Frankfurt into a training patch, we will create exactly these plans for you and support your long-term weight loss success.

The cornerstones of successful diets

Diets are a special form of nutrition and are not only used for weight loss. Diets are also used for special illnesses or allergies in order to eat healthier and alleviate the symptoms of illnesses. The German Nutrition Society calls diets that aim for slow, long-term weight loss and that take individual dietary preferences into account serious diets. In the best case, health-promoting behaviour should be promoted in its entirety, which also includes sufficient exercise. Those who want to lose weight properly must therefore consistently change their previous habits!

The basic elements of successful diets therefore include the following aspects:

  • lower calorie intake (do not reduce too much)
  • Concentration on vegetables, fruit, fish and lean meat
  • Use of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Sufficient exercise
  • Mental balance in stressful situations
  • Consideration of individual food preferences
  • Feeling good in the new nutritional situation


Personal Trainer Frankfurt: How to make diets successful

Losing weight is easier with a personal trainer! The reason: individual nutrition and training plans are drawn up that take into account the personal work and life situation and fit into everyday life. Standard plans often don't work in everyday life - and if you add your own inner weakness to the mix, the weight-loss plan quickly becomes the next failed attempt to make your life healthier. With a professional companion and nutrition counselling, on the other hand, individual consideration is given to what is important, how high the daily calorie intake must be and which paths are open for lasting dietary success. Above all, the long-term nature of the plan must be considered. The first rule is to lose weight slowly, but properly! The body must first adjust to the supposed lack of food and learn that even with a lower energy intake it does not have to reduce the metabolism to a minimum.

Protect muscle mass

When dieting, there is always the danger that the body will not only break down fat cells, but also go after muscle mass. The reason: energy from muscles is available more quickly, so the body turns to them first. Not only does the dieter experience an unpleasant feeling of weakness, but excessive dieting can even be dangerous for the heart. After all, it is also a muscle that is weakened and attacked in the long run. It is therefore also clear that the energy intake must not be reduced too much: so-called zero diets are harmful; it is better to change the diet to healthy, low-fat foods. Mediterranean diets and avoiding foods with a high energy density are also, according to experts, suitable diets for reducing weight in the long term and still living healthily. Just as a routine in the diet! Of course, always in conjunction with exercise that is easy on the joints and relies on a combination of endurance and strength training. This strengthens the muscles and tones the body!