Rediscovering old strength after the corona break

For a long time, regular workouts wasn't possible thanks to the protective measures for the coronavirus. Technically, everyone was allowed to go out and everyone could have done sports. In practice, it is something completely different whether someone declares Frankfurt a mutual training ground with a personal trainer or whether he or she has to do regular sports exercises completely on their own. In the latter case, the inner temptations are usually bigger. With equally big consequences!

After a break, it's always important to gradually start working out again. The body has "returned" to the untrained level, muscles, ligaments and tendons are less resilient. Even the entire bone structure is less solid, which is why bone fractures are more common in untrained people who put too much strain on themselves.The cardiovascular system now also quickly reports: Take a break, please!

If you are unsure whether the start of your workout will have any consequences, you should make an appointment with your doctor. He will check the cardiovascular system and give a recommendation regarding the intensity of the workout and how to increase it. Of course, your personal trainer can also help you with that, because he knows exactly which exercises and intensities are suitable for slowly getting fit again. Extended warm-up phases are especially important, so that the entire musculoskeletal system is adjusted to the following strain. Stretching exercises should also be done in between and after exercise to prevent sore muscles and tension.

Muscles burn more energy than fatty tissue, so athletes need more energy even when resting. Recreational athletes, however, who have been unable to train due to corona or due to their own illnesses or other circumstances, have usually not adapted their diet. As a result, energy consumption decreased due to the lack of training and the loss of muscle mass. In return, a few pounds were added. But especially now, in summer, you certainly don't want to have "hidden reserves" on your hips and are looking for a way to lose weight properly. A starvation diet is not sensible and tends to produce the dreaded yoyo effect.So ask your personal trainer about this topic, he will give you helpful tips for a healthy diet, where you don't have to go hungry, and he knows which sports exercises are aimed at the problem areas. Whether training for the stomach or for the legs: These targeted exercises are combined with moderate endurance training to achieve the desired effect.Not overnight, but still comparatively short-term and above all long-term. After all, what use is the lower weight if the dreaded kilos are still resplendent on the hips?

But even here the following applies: especially after a break from sports, it is essential to start exercising the body carefully!

If you want to feel good, you need to exercise regularly. This is confirmed by all those who keep moving and exerting themselves physically. If you do not know how to proceed after the break, contact your personal trainer. This also applies if you want to follow a fixed training plan. Your trainer will prepare one and you can check your success together in between. You have reached one of your training goals? Did you run a fixed distance faster, ran further than usual or finally managed the fifty push-ups? You should celebrate such successes, because they help you to maintain your new routine. This has the advantage of a certain " sports independence ", which will benefit you should another situation like in the last weeks arise and you have to be on your own again. With your personal trainer you can explore, go around and discover Frankfurt, but you should also learn to do sports independently and routinely.

Important tip: Sports shouldn't be something unusual, you should plan fixed times for them. Determine fixed weekdays and/or times to train. It is easier to stick to these times. Think of it as a firm appointment with your body and do not find excuses to cancel this appointment. Once regular training is back to normal and you don't have to think about how you could best avoid it, you have found your training routine. However, it is also important to keep a variety of activities so that you don't get bored while doing sports. Your personal trainer from Frankfurt will also be happy to support you in this!