Mobility Training: Excellent addition to the workout plan

Mobility training is designed to improve the body's mobility and pushes athletes beyond their previous limits. Muscles, joints, bands and tendons have certain points where pure muscle strength is no longer effective for further stretching or extension. Here, the lack of mobility is the reason, and its improvement should be included in every training plan. Your personal trainer in Frankfurt will help you with this!

What is Mobility Training?

As the name suggests, mobility training is designed to help improve the mobility of the entire musculoskeletal system. Various exercises are performed and combined with each other to change the range of motion of the entire body. The focus is on improved flexibility, whereby corresponding exercises are combined here at a personal training session in Frankfurt with exercises for more strength, suppleness and balance.

The training is particularly varied and is intended to improve the body's ability to assume so-called end-degree positions of the joints. By this, sports scientists mean that joints have a natural restriction of movement. For example, the maximum extension is 120 degrees, but the athlete only achieves a maximum of 100 to 110 degrees of this. A good example is the splits: with appropriate training, the extension of the hip joints can be achieved by 180 degrees. Without training, it might only be 90 to 120 degrees.
In our personal training in Frankfurt, we make a point of including all three areas of flexibility training:

  • Stretching
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Fascia training

You want to know more? Then ask your personal trainer in Frankfurt and find exercises that are specially tailored to you. Because flexibility training scores points above all for its flexibility and individual adaptability of the individual exercises. But there are also other advantages.

Advantages of Mobility Training

Anyone who wants to move better and more flexibly, who wants to work the muscles and stretch long and smoothly, should do flexibility training. It is not only crucial for maximising the body's stretchability, but also for preventing pain caused by shortened and tight muscles. When we offer fitness in Frankfurt, we always include adapted flexibility training!
These benefits of training are obvious:

  • Improvement of posture
  • Building stronger muscles and joints


  • Prevention of lumps and injuries
  • Preventing premature joint wear and tear
  • Improving fitness performance
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Preventing and reducing pain

Given the numerous benefits of mobility training, it is understandable why fitness trainers set up plans that include this type of exercise. By the way, a comparison of recommended exercises shows that many borrowings from yoga can be found here. So it is not surprising that many exercisers believe that flexibility training also strengthens them mentally. After all, yoga also has a calming effect and can have a positive impact on feelings of stress.

Fitness in Frankfurt: Then Mobility Training is taboo

However, there are also people for whom flexibility training is not suitable and can rather lead to problems and complaints. These are mainly people for whom yoga is not suitable because they already have a disease of the musculoskeletal system. Anyone who has a disease or inflammation that affects a joint or the spine should not do any exercises that put strain on precisely these diseased parts of the body. This also applies to strains, sprains or fractures: if the musculoskeletal system or parts of it need rest or only moderate strain, flexibility training is unsuitable. Individual exercises can be useful, but should only be done in consultation with the attending doctor or physiotherapist and always under the supervision of a qualified trainer. Otherwise, even seemingly undemanding exercises, which are incidentally very effective, can cause great damage.