Finally outside! Effective outdoor training with your personal trainer

Just jogging and cycling - should that be enough sport in the fresh air? Far from it, because especially in Frankfurt there are so many possibilities for an effective outdoor training, which goes far beyond the two classics mentioned above. It has been scientifically proven that exercise in the fresh air is better for the body than training in the gym. The body absorbs more oxygen outside, the blood circulation is better and weather stimuli additionally activate the metabolism. So what are you waiting for? Make Frankfurt your outdoor gym with the Personal Trainer!

Outdoor training: Great sports fields in Frankfurt

The following places are ideal sports locations if you have declared Frankfurt to be your playground with your personal trainer. Of course, these are not sports fields in the conventional sense, but rather parks and green spaces that can be used for all kinds of sports:

  • Günthersburgpark

- located in the district Nordend-Ost

- more than seven hectares in size

- even slacklines can be tensioned

  • Huthpark

- situated in Seckbach

- approximately 18 hectares in size

- Training circle, stretching station and fitness course are available

  • Niddapark

- situated between Hausen and Praunheim

- 168 hectares in size

- Fitness facilities, slackline, pedalo track are available

  • Rotschildpark

- located in the district Westend

- four hectares in size

- no fitness equipment, but meadows for individual sports available

  • Hafen Park

- situated on the northern bank of the Main

- four hectares in size

- Climbing course, fitness facility, fields for ball sports available


This small selection shows how many wonderful opportunities there are in Frankfurt for outdoor sports. There is no need to choose a park with existing fitness equipment, because the training can also be arranged individually thanks to the personal trainer. The main thing is that you find yourself in the fresh air!


Effective cardio training in the outdoor area

Many know cardio training from the gym. Here you sweat at and on machines, pedal and do various exercises which are sweaty without the help of fitness machines. 

But these exercises can also be done in the open air! Here the cardiovascular system benefits twice over. On the one hand from the load with which the entire system is trained and becomes more resilient. On the other hand from the plus in oxygen. During deep breathing, which you do automatically during training, the oxygen reaches every small cell via the blood. You will have the feeling that your body is really aired out! With the oxygen plus you will be more efficient, feel less exhausted and get the feeling that you have more energy after your workout than before. In addition, the light or sun is good for your body, it produces the vital vitamin D and releases happiness hormones. Who else wants to train in there?

Outdoor use of aids

The above-mentioned parks as well as other similar green spaces in Frankfurt offer various possibilities to keep fit besides jogging or cycling. You can use the existing facilities here and really power yourself out while training. Thanks to the guidance of your personal trainer, you can be sure that the training is healthy and effective and that even your lack of willpower , who will surely come forward sooner or later, can be defeated. You can also do sports outside without using existing equipment and facilities. Resistance bands are a classic example of this, because with their help a simple exercise can be made much more difficult and therefore more effective. Even small dumbbells or weight bands seem to be rather light at first sight. However, if you move with them for a longer period of time, you will feel how the seemingly low weight is an additional burden after all.

Thanks to the available space, it is also possible to do completely different exercises than in a closed gym. Many athletes love outdoor training for exactly this reason, because they do not feel restricted or restricted in their freedom of movement. In addition, the immune system is additionally stimulated, which is another advantage of outdoor training.                                                                                                                              Your personal trainer will gladly explain to you which exercises are useful for you and which training units are best suited to achieve the desired  effect. Fact is one thing: Especially for cardio training, exercise in the fresh air is unbeatable and represents an excellent supplement, if not a better alternative to training in the gym. We still have to return to this in winter in a timely manner!