Why you should combine fitness training and martial arts

The combination of fitness training and martial arts is ideal and not for nothing has been in greater demand recently than ever before. Strength and fitness are increased, endurance and mobility are trained equally. The synergies of both trainings are obvious!

Martial arts training relies on basics, which also serve well in fitness training. It is all about body tension, targeted breathing, conscious muscle tension and perfect coordination of movements. Even though most people start with fitness training to feel better, reduce weight or build muscles, they usually don't think about martial arts. But this is a mistake, as our trainer Philippe also knows. He is a multiple Hessian master in Ju Jutsu and brings the elements of this martial art into his training.Participants confirm that they have learned here that the body is a unit. It must act as a whole.                              Targeted muscle training may be important, but only the interaction of the muscles will bring the desired effects and that in the long run!

Above with the training, which in the best case is instructed by the personal trainer improves:

  • coordination
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Mobility
  • Speed
  • Concentration
  • Balance
  • Body Control
  • Balance
  • Responsiveness

This list could be extended by a few more points and already shows impressively the positive effects of the combination of fight and fitness training. Each training on its own may be profitable and is better than not training at all. But if you want maximum success and want to train as effectively as possible, you should definitely try the combination of these two types of training. Not to forget: The training is much more varied and simply more fun!

Positive psychological effects by combining fitness and martial arts training

Many martial artists report that they feel more self-confident, that they develop more discipline in training and also in other areas of life and that they feel more up to new challenges. The psychological effects of a combination of martial arts and fitness training should not be neglected! Whoever knows that he or she can defend himself or herself in an emergency generally feels more self-confident.

Thanks to the training the body posture is different, the athlete is much more self-confident with other people because of his posture and charisma alone. The training lays the foundation for self-defense and reaction possibilities in case of attacks, which is also only positive.

With the personal trainer to more success

By now, everyone knows that a personal trainer has a much greater effect on training success than training alone or in a large group. But if this trainer also masters elements of martial arts, boxing or kickboxing, training success is guaranteed. Our trainer Philippe relies mainly on the combination of Ju Jutsu and fitness training as well as the elements of boxing and kickboxing to get his sports clients fit. The martial art promotes concentration and focus on a goal, task or exercise. Slow movements alternate with fast ones, the body must be able to keep its balance as well as to release large forces in the short term. The techniques of boxing and kickboxing are also included in our training and if you are looking for a personal trainer in Frankfurt, where you can learn and apply all the different elements, you are in the right place. In boxing, for example, it is the rope skipping and the different steps as well as the punching training that makes the exercises so effective. It is not for nothing that fitness boxing is very modern at the moment, although it is often enough a simple slap on the sandbag without concrete instructions.

The elements of kickboxing, in which the legs are involved and often develop incredible punching power, are also taken into account in our training.

Is martial arts and fitness training suitable for me?

As long as you have no health restrictions, both types of training are perfect for you if you are looking for the advantages mentioned above. Last but not least, a training with your trainer in Frankfurt is also helpful for the targeted fat burning, because you will be challenged more than in almost any other training. The combination of endurance and strength training has long been known to achieve wonderful results in terms of fat burning. It is no different with the combination of fitness and martial arts training, because here too, both endurance and strength are strengthened. In this sense: Let's go!