Regularity is better than intervals

Training: Regularity is better than intervals

Many people decide to do more sports especially at the beginning of the new year (but not only then). Full of zest for action, they jump into training and go running, swimming or cycling every two days and all this becomes too exhausting after a short time. What is initially seen as a great training effect soon becomes a burden.

That's why overambitious people don't keep up

Implementation of a good intention for more exercise often looks like this: One goes to training or trains on its own three times a week. In the beginning everything works out well, sport integrates into everyday life. But soon the inner weaker, lazier self grows from a small sweet animal into a monster and causes longer periods of inactivity. All sorts of excuses come out, today stayed longer at work, tomorrow meeting with friends. And the day after tomorrow? There is also an appointment!

And then a few weeks later, often a guilty conscience comes out, wrestles down the inner lazier self and causes those training clothes to be taken out of their dusty corner and put on again. There is a cycle of good intentions, their implementation, apologies and inactivity. If you want too much, you get nothing in the end! This well-known saying is not out of place even for over-ambitious athletes, because if you throw yourself into training similar to a competitive athlete, you will end up with the effect that the sport is no longer fun. Whether it's simply to move more or whether someone wants to lose weight properly - without a definite plan, it’s guaranteed that you won’t reach your goal. It would be better to take the really good intention to move more, step by step, and constantly set the goal a little backwards to be more achievable.

It’s easier to train with goal in mind

Every personal trainer will advise you to set yourself achievable goals. These don’t have to be accessible within the first few hours of training, they should be a little outside the comfort zone. If you want to "run" with the personal trainer Frankfurt, you won't run around the whole city on the first day either! The goal could initially be to go to the gym at least once a week. Who would like to lose weight correctly, integrates a nourishing consultation into its movement concept and/or lets such set up by the personal coach. Soon the weekly training session will be a fixed date, which will only be suspended for very important reasons and not under flimsy excuses. Then it’s time to increase the intensity of the training to twice a week. Those who have achieved this goal can go further, but the goal should always be raised only when a really firm rhythm has been established and if one doesn’t really think of skipping training sessions.

Personal Training Frankfurt: Increasing training intensity as a next goal

First goal is the training frequency, which should be brought to a realistic level. The next goal is the training intensity. Anyone who regularly spends himself so much that the body needs days to recover is doing something fundamentally wrong. To stay with the example of Personal Training Frankfurt: If the athlete overdoes it during the first training hours, the motivation to go back to training decreases. It’s therefore far more sensible to set up a nutritional consultation and a sports plan together with a personal trainer. This is designed in such a way that the user always moves a little outside the comfort zone. Training should be strenuous, but not overexerted! To find the right measure, to define the ideal sport or a combination of selected sports and to determine the frequency of training in a meaningful way is usually impossible for untrained people. It takes a lot of background knowledge about the interplay between muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system, about achieving training success and about health-oriented training to be able to really train properly. If all the basic conditions are right, anyone can explore, circle around and cross Frankfurt with the personal trainer - on foot or by cycling. Perhaps also with a combination and ultimately as a triathlon. In any case, it’s a fact that sport must be fun, because dullness feeds the inner weaker self. Personal training can also improve the necessary motivation, should this inner weaker lazier self unexpectedly begins to growl and come out.