Home Workout

Home Workout: Training effectively from home

People should resume with their training in times of the Corona crisis. However, how can one do that now the gym is closed and it's not safe to explore Frankfurt with your personal trainer anymore? Solution: You need to resume training from home if you don't want to end the quarantine with too many pounds over the top. The goal is to stay fit despite the Corona crisis! But this is easier than some people think.

Personal Trainer Frankfurt: Training in your own four walls as a substitute
Real fitness fans will not consider training in their own four walls as a full-fledged substitute. However, it is a way to use your free time and maintain or even improve your existing fitness level. There are many ways of training.

You can find some fitness videos on the known internet channels. For this, you only need a little space in front of the TV, a fitness mat and the training can begin. There are even gyms that offer online courses at very reasonable prices, but these are not really an option when it comes to training with your own personal trainer after the Corona period.

Various videos and apps show that you do not even necessarily need equipment to do sports at home. Nevertheless, it is of course fun to exercise with the crosstrainer or treadmill, with the high bar for the door or with the ab trainer. Fitness bands are also very helpful. If you don't want to use aids and still want to increase the load, use your own children as additional weight load if necessary. Have you ever tried push-ups with your child on your back? Alternatively, bent legs stretched backwards when a toddler is lying on his or her shins? If you don't have children (yet), you can help yourself with power bands or medicine balls, because they too offer wonderfully simple and at the same time versatile possibilities for increasing the load during individual exercises.
The nice thing about workout from home: It's free of charge! Even if you are happy to pay your personal trainer in Frankfurt and the surrounding area to help you reach your training goals, you still have to find a way now to pick up where you left off later. Workouts at home are just right for this.

Tips: A stepper in combination with dumbbells replaces the crosstrainer; a high bar for the doorframe is suitable before various strength exercises. Powerbands and expanders as well as the balance trainer are used to train the whole body. Those who prefer relaxing sports can also try yoga or Pilates. Some exercises are particularly effective and can be done without many accessories:

- Planks: Forearm support mainly uses the deep abdominal muscles and shapes the body.
- Rope skipping: More effective than jogging, it demands the whole body and is suitable for all ages.
- Push-ups: They ensure a well-formed back, defined arms and good abdominal muscles.
- High Distance Jumps: The exercise hated at school trains endurance and all muscles of the body.

Stay fit despite the Corona crisis: Defeat your weaker self
Personal trainer reliably prevents your weaker self from growing, without a chance for it to happen. However, the question often arises while you are alone at home: Do I really have to train? Can't I skip the sport today? Nobody can see it ... But your guilty conscience can be very persistent and so you need a few tips on how to stay motivated for a longer period. First of all, the same applies to your workout at home: Please wear sports clothes! Because the outfit alone is decisive. If you dare to do the exercises in baggy pants, which you also wear on the sofa in the evening, you are already preparing yourself inwardly for resting.
Plan your workouts firmly into the daily schedule. They are an important date, which may only be postponed for reasons of illness. Three or four sessions a week are ideal, so that you can at least get close to the amount of training you would do with the trainer.
Choose a sport that you can do with little equipment and that is also fun on your own. Maybe you can also arrange to meet up with friends to play the sport: you sweat together via video transmission, but not together.
You can also go jogging outside; ride your bike or skate. Choose a clear route in order to avoid unexpected violations of any contact restrictions.