Best diets

There are so many different diets and nutrition systems today as never before.
And each one promises best and fastest way to success.
But what is it about when you lose weight really? Do I have to give up carbs? 
Or fat? Or should I eat only proteins? Should I fast or forgo eating after 6 pm?

It is clear that the goal is to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time with little effort and without doing sports. That sounds a bit too good to be true, yes?

It is. The fact is that a large number of people spends more time searching for the simplest way, rather than simply do what’s necessary.

Losing weight is usually always not easy, because at the end of the day it’s all about changing one’s own life habits. Many of you know, for example, that you really must stop consuming sodas, and dream to lose weight, while you keep it at your leisure. In this dream, we must separate good or bad.

Let us start first with the definition of the "diet" concept. The term diet is derived from Greek and means "Lifestyle". The way of life reflects own outlook. It should be clear that any "diet", on which you have a limited period of time, is not a real one. The long-term goal should be to permanently change living habits. We can understand that many people wish for a quick success that stimulates motivation; and there are certainly people that lose weight quickly with radical change and change their diet permanently. This is an exception and often comes at the expense of your own health.

We recommend a different way. This is certainly not easy. But remember, 
if it were easy, everyone would do it and there would be only fit people in the world.
We need to critically look at our life-style. Based on our food as well as to our physical activity. Nutrition is a huge topic on the already many written books.
We cannot and do not want to share the absolute truth in a single article, but only share a couple of guidelines along the way.

We all need a little change of mentality. The important role is not only convenience, but also the money. Many think that it’s more affordable to buy a cheeseburger for one euro at McDonald's to buy then whole grain bread at Biobacker. It’s too expensive? In relation to the nutrients that your body needs, the whole grain bread from Biobacker offers a much better price-performance ratio. We must begin to think in nutrients, and not in the size of the portions. You can save at many things, but please with what you eat. In short: the food should be of the highest quality, as your own budget allows.

Of course, the taste also plays a role and we were trained by our society. Sweet things naturally taste better than bitter, but our industry and the advertising have driven to the top. It is up to us to get our sense of taste back to less sweet and less greasy; in short to "natural". As I said it is not easy, especially if you are always surrounded with cheap, unhealthy food.

We should also think about our physical activity. Our bodies were created for movement. But all we can do with this incredible machine that was given to us is to sit down, simply because it is so convenient. We take the elevator rather than walk the stairs, prefer the car over a bike and look rather people on television then doing sports ourselves.

Is it really surprising that so many people suffers being overweight?
Anyone who doesn’t drop his bad habits must also accept that he’s not going to lose weight. It sounds pretty harsh, but it’s simply like that. Each success that is achieved despite that fact is short-lived and/or unhealthy. For all those who are really hard, but still achieve no success, there are further contributions to the topic of effective training. It should also be mentioned that we are genetically predisposed differently. It would be a lie to state that anyone could be trained to be a fitness model. But that is also not at all.  It is a question of one’s own potential. The comparison to others, even if it’s deep within us, is a view in the wrong way. Everyone should try to be the best version of themselves, and that entails naturally a healthy body.

Conclusion: modern diets are not recommended if you ask us. Everyone should find his way to do sport, exercise more and integrate a long healthy diet in one’s daily life. If you have come to the conclusion that you need assistance, it makes sense to engage a personal trainer. You will not only be effective, health sustaining guided training in personal training, but also be advised on your diet professionally.