Are boot camps meanigful?

Originally, the term boot camp was described as basic training in several parts of the US military, then also re-education camp for offenders and difficult to educate young people. Today, the term boot camp has long since found its way into the fitness world, and boot camps are also being offered in many different locations in Frankfurt.

The term boot camp meanwhile means intensive group training, guided by an authoritarian trainer / drill master. To say that you participate in a boot camp makes you look like a tough guy. But how meaningful are boot camps really, and for whom are they suitable?

As already mentioned, there are several boot camp offers in Frankfurt, and also in other cities, therefore you should not shuffle all over the comb right from the start.

In sport, it should go in addition to the fun of the joy and visual goals and always about the health.

The group dynamics in a boot camp is certainly rousing, but it is important that none of the participants exceed his level beyond measure. This should always be respected by the organizer.

However, since boot camps usually train people with very different fitness levels, this is often easier said than done. An important point is the selection of exercises. Often organizers try to collect sympathy points with new, exciting exercises, but primarily it should be ensured that the movements of each participant can be carried out safely, and that they’re technically not too demanding. Wearing heavy items would be a great way to send injured participants home. It’s also possible to make an effective, exhausting and entertaining training program with simple exercises, as some trainers prove.

One problem that has certainly been fatal to one or the other is the perceived performance pressure within the group. The less fit, ambitious participants try to keep pace with experienced, much more powerful participants and quickly cross their borders. Here we would like to appeal to each participant to move within his own possibilities. Goal is not to be the best, but to do his best. This philosophy should also be conveyed by the coach.

Unfortunately, in some boot camps the opposite is being practiced and coaches try to motivate participants to perform better by competing within the group.This may be useful in competitive sports, but not in training with recreational athletes.

Well-organized boot camp under professional guidance is, in our opinion, an event that can make you feel right and makes sense for anyone who enjoys venturing into an infectious group dynamic. Unfortunately, it’s often not easy for a borrower to see if a boot camp is well designed and if the coach is really professional. In case of doubt, you should have a good point of contact recommended by the coach of your trust or by your personal trainer.

It should also be mentioned that boot camps have neither the opportunity nor the intention to replace a personal training. Many personal trainers are reluctant to send their clients to other trainers (possibly also personal trainers) in a boot camp, as they fear the colleague might poach their customers. Especially in Frankfurt, where the competition is very strong, this is not uncommon. In our eyes, this fear is completely unfounded. A personal training is not designed to show the client new, cool exercises or "drills", but to give him an understanding of his own body and the individual weaknesses. To guide the customer professionally and to work with him on the jointly defined goal should be the primary goal. No boot camp, no matter how well designed, can meet these requirements.